Celebrating Life & Playing Games

It’s the year of the dog—my year.

If you haven’t already, read up on the Chinese New Year Heavenly Gate Race stories. They’re quite fascinating.

According to the dog’s fortune, focus should be on taking initiatives and investing into power projects and/or culture. It will be hard, but the rewards will be good. Dogs are said to be ambitious, so focusing on career development is a must.

This year, I’ve been more focused than ever to narrow down my short term and long term goals, and jump-start my passion projects. I know good things are coming, I just have to keep working hard.

There was a jump to celebrate life, when my cousin’s grandma, Nanay E, fell ill. Her hospital room was filled with family and food, it was hard to keep quiet. There were at least 15 of us in her room, talking and enjoying each other’s company. Nanay E’s daughter and grandson came to visit her from California. It was so heartwarming seeing her smile as she recognized her favourite grandson.

She passed on February 12, but her life’s celebration continued on. There was a lovely slideshow and beautiful collages of photographs of her and her loved ones. Her favourite music was playing in the background as well. My cousins and aunt made light to the fact that Nanay E helped them greatly by investing in life insurance to cover the costs. I was astonished by how independent and forthcoming she was. It helped them a great deal not to worry too much about arrangements and expenses, and to allow them to mourn without all the stresses. It just amazes me how selfless she was.

Moving forward, as someone who prefers to spend my time alone, it was good being with company. Gabe and I spent some time with my cousin and her friends, having some drinks and playing games. We had a go at Dutch Blitz, Monopoly Go, and Coup. I’d have to say Dutch Blitz is one of my new favourites, as it is a mash between Speed and Solitaire. I’ve only played Coup once as a two-player game, but it was fun watching the game with a big group of people.

It’s important to have reminders to live your life the way you want to live it, and to share it with people you enjoy spending time with.

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