Peachy Valentine 🍑 V-Day Makeup Tutorial

Whether you’re celebrating tonight or on the weekend, here’s some inspiration for your Valentine’s Day makeup.

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I picture pink and red candy and Valentine’s Day cards. I experimented with natural peachy-pink eyes and a plum lip.

My fingers are my best tool, so I mainly used them to apply my eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick. This is a guide to my tutorial, however, you are free to modify what you use and how you use anything as you wish. I don’t think the brand of the products I use is important, but if you’re interested, I’ll list them anyways.

Before I started putting on my face, I iced my eyes. I usually have lots of congestion, so my eyes tend to puff up. Even so, my eye bags still managed to make an appearance.

I moisturized my face using Organic Seaberry/Seabuckthorn oil. It contains antioxidants, Omega 3, and Vitamin E to help regenerate the skin and restore elasticity and smoothness.

I primed my eyelids using Shiseido Refining Makeup Primer to prepare for eyeshadow.

Then, I prepped my face base by colour correcting. This isn’t a necessary step, but when I put foundation/BB Cream on, my discolouration offsets everything. I used a colour correcting palette by Forever 21. The rule of thumb is to use the complementary colour of whatever colour I want to correct. So if I have redness, I use green to neutralize it. My undereyes tend to have a blue-ish undertone, so I use peach.

I change my brow routine based on how I feel. I either use a pencil, powder, or liquid depending on what type of look I’m trying to achieve. With this look, I did prominent medium-thin brows.

I applied BB cream by dotting it all over my face, then blended out using a smooth puff from Face Shop. I started in the middle of my face and worked my way outward. My BB Cream contains sunscreen, so it went on a bit light.

For my eyes, I patted a Mac pink cream blush as a base for my eyeshadow. I used a sweeping motion with my ring fingers to blend the colour up. I then patted a shimmery peach-gold blush from Forever 21 on top of the base colour. I concentrated the colour in my inner corners to brighten my eyes up. I applied the same colours to the outer corner of my bottom lashes.

To finish the eyeshadow, I deepened the other corners with a shimmery dark red-maroon eyeshadow to add some depth. I applied this to the outer corner of my bottom lashes.

I applied a brown liquid eyeliner to the top of my eyes in a slight wing. I’m influenced by East Asian makeup trends, so my eyeliner wings straight out instead of straight up and out.

I skipped the mascara since I still have some eyelash extensions on.

I put some light back into my face using bronzer. I applied the bronzer in a “3” shape, starting from the bottom of my cheekbone, down to my jaw, then back up to my temples.

I used a maroon-raspberry lipstick as a blush for a flushed blush look. I used my fingers to blend out.

I finished off the look with some lip balm and dabbed a plum Revlon lipstick on the center of my lips.

This look is simple, natural, and cute.


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