❄ January Vlog ❄

January was filled with hibernation, lazy drives, eating in, and eating out.

Gabriel got me a Gorilla Pod for Christmas so we broke it in. We tried out some shawarma at Shawarma Boys, Brazillian steak at Touro, and a Winterlicious 3-course meal at Oliver and Bonacini Café Grill.

On our down time, we made some comfort food at home. On the home menu, we have for you:
Baked Spicy Cauliflower, Free-Run naturally smoked Bacon drizzled with Olive Oil
Spicy Red Thai Coconut Curry with a delightful assortment of bell peppers and Free-Run Chicken Thighs
Gluten-free Pasta with Free-Run Bacon bits and Basil drizzled with Olive Oil

I also included some of my gym work outs if you’re interested in toning your arms and legs:

Sexy Arms
5 mins – Stretching
15 mins – Treadmill
3 x 10 reps – Dumbell shrugs
3 x 10 reps – Standing dumbell curls
3 x 10 reps – Dumbell overhead shoulder press
3 x 10 reps – One arm dumbell row (per side)
3 x 10 reps – One-legged reverse fly (per leg)
2 x 10 reps – Assisted pull-ups

I focus on stretching because I’m looking to improve my flexibility. I do full-body stretching, with a focus on whatever targeted muscles I plan to work out. When I have leg days, I focus on stretching my hips first. With my back problems and misalignment issues, I’m especially susceptible to injury. My go-to stretch is the butterfly stretch, as it improves my hip rotation. I also take the time with a stability ball to stretch using a resistance band.

Legs for days
5 mins – Stretching
20 mins – Treadmill
10 mins – Bike
3 x 10 reps – Hip thrusts with resistance band around thighs (on a stability ball)
3 x 10 reps – Stability ball resistance band hip abductions
3 x 10 reps – Standing resistance band hip abductions
3 x 10 reps – Resistance band squats
3 x 10 reps – Dumbell lunges (per side)
3 x 10 reps – Calf raises with weights
3 x 10 reps – Full barbell back squats

When I stretch my hips properly, I find that my hips don’t give out as much while I do back squats using a barbell. I’m able to keep my technique more sharp and keep my hips in check.

My go-to Protein Shake recipe is as follows:

Protein Shake
Organic spinach
Organic kale
Unsweetened almond milk
Organic Kefir
Protein Powder*

*I add the powder after I blend everything else to avoid the protein from breaking down. I’m currently using Orgain Organic Protein Powder in vanilla.

In the future, I may post some footage at the gym for sharing purposes, improving my technique, and recording my progress.

Spring needs to hurry up so we could ditch the sweaters and puffy jackets. I don’t mind the rainy weather and staying in, but the coldness is not helping the creative mind. I find that vlogs are much easier to create than montage-based videos, so maybe vlogs will be a thing that sticks. Stay tuned!

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