🎄Vlogmas 2017🎄

Celebrating the holidays with my family is always lit. Expect lots of food, lots of people, lots of games, and lots of loudness.

This year, we changed it up a bit and played some new games. It never occurred to me you could change up gift exchanges. On Christmas Eve, my boyfriend’s family played a version of a White Elephant gift exchange. Each participant had a piece of paper with part of a poem, along with a number. The number signifies the order in which to recite a poem. The poem tells you or other players what to do with the gift in your hand. It’s enjoyable, fun, and dirty. I prefer this variant over Dirty Santa because the stealing is not so personal, so people’s feelings don’t get too hurt.

On Christmas Day, we played a game of Dice Doubles. There are two active players at all times: one rolling a die and the other trying to pry open a wrapped gift while wearing cloth oven mitts. The first player tries to unwrap the gift as quickly as possible before the second player beside them rolls a 2 or 5. When the second player rolls the number they need, they give the die to the player on their left, grab the mitts and the gift, and get a chance to open the gift. The game ends when a player successfully opens the gift before the player beside them rolls a 2 or 5.

For the gift-giving portion of the evening, we had a little guessing game. Weeks beforehand, we drew names. Each person stood by the tree with their gift and gave clues as to who their Monito/Monita was. Some people were sweet, some people were brutally honest.

All in all, there was lots and lots of laughter. It’s so sad the holidays are over, but at least having photos and videos keep the good vibes around. I hope you enjoy my Christmas Vlog (video blog)! Make sure to show us some love by liking and subscribing to our YouTube channel!



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