♡ 23rd Birthday ♡

I celebrated my birthday at Pursuit OCR and Fishman’s Lobster Clubhouse. It was my first time at both places and I thoroughly enjoyed both!

Pursuit OCR is Canada’s largest indoor obstacle course training and movement centre. They’re famous for having two warped walls, made famous by American Ninja Warrior. The eleven-foot wall deemed a challenge I’ve yet to accomplish. I’ve managed to reach the top of the wall, but I lack the upper body strength to get myself over. I was really proud of everyone from my group who got over the eleven-foot and fourteen-foot wall! We definitely will be back.

The celebrations continued with dinner at Fishman’s. They’re famous for their mountain of lobsters, which is absolutely delicious. We ordered two different piles of lobster, king crab with egg, stir-fried veggies with goji berries, and black sesame dessert. Dinner meals average at a couple hundred dollars, so dining with a group is a must. If the opportunity rises, I would definitely go again.

We finished off the celebrations with Cha Time and headed home. Thanks to everyone who made it out, I had a great time. I hope you enjoy my birthday video! I’d like to share more of my life with you guys, so more to come.

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