Recap of 2017 + Update

The new year is all about appreciation, so I wanted to share my appreciation with you guys.

I am so grateful to have lived another year and spent it making memories with my loved ones. For me, 2017 was a year of endurance.

I struggled.
I asked for help.
I put myself together again.

I am hopeful that I will continue to stay strong. The new year is also a reminder of self-awareness and to keep setting the bar higher for yourself. While I was creating this art piece, I realized that presenting a regular sequential timeline wouldn’t do my year any justice. While archiving my photos, I saw a visual metaphor. Despite the dark patches I faced, my year was colourful. Without me knowing, a metaphor was created in and of itself to tell me that the goodness of light does exist in doing things you love, doing things you’re passionate about, and spending time with the people you care about. This is an archive of the memories I made.

All things considered, I learned that I can’t solely rely on my brain to remember the good things that happened this year. Going through my phone’s photo gallery was a refresher to remind me of things I’ve forgotten. By all means, setting goals for yourself for the new year can be beneficial. As cliché as it sounds, any reminder to work on yourself to become better is always good. For myself, I set tangible, short-term  goals and long-term goals I will keep in mind. My short-term goals are mostly small kinks that could be changed, like declutter, be more organized, take better care of myself, and go to the gym more days a week. I urge you to take a moment to set goals and write them down, either on paper or in your phone. Having a reminder will help keep you motivated to fulfill your goals. 

In light of the theme of appreciation, I would like to take the time to thank our viewers and readers for sticking with us, especially during this tough year. Thanks to everyone’s continued support and understanding. We can assure you, we plan to stay active and continue to pave the way for our other upcoming projects. As artists who pride our work, it’s important for us to push out meaningful, quality work. To the people who know us personally, you know we have big things in mind for our brand. We appreciate all the encouragement we’ve had! It honestly pushes us to keep working hard. Here’s to 2018 and moving forward…

Click here to view the visual album in high resolution.


Click here to view the visual album in high resolution.

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