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I spent my first week alive in NICU. You could say I was pretty much unhealthy my whole life.

Growing up, my health problems were mostly the result of weak immune system. I made frequent visits to multiple doctors and relied on several medications. I would get sick with the common cold or flu multiple times a year, taking at least 2-3 weeks to fully recover. A few years ago, I was in and out of the ER with bronchitis and severe asthma. Add in full-time university and a part-time job into the mixture… and I was getting tired of it all.

After being discharged from the hospital, I started my long-term care. After seeing a number of specialists, I was on loads of medication—just take a look at the featured image—to stabilize my lungs and immune system (including antibiotics and corticosteroids). As you may or may not know, these types of medication have bad side effects, including the disruption of your hormones.

Unfortunately, I relied on a series of these types of medication to breathe and strengthen my immune system. I’ve seen a number of specialists that year related to my condition, and the doctor appointments, X-rays, and medications kept piling up.

Fast forward to the summer of 2016, a friend referred me to a Chiropractor, who practiced and taught Maximized Living at the Progressive Family Wellness Centre. He offered an introductory free dinner and seminar where he talked about his practice explained why he holds seminars for his patients and their guests. I learned about the 5 Essentials to change my choices and transform my life. These are the 5 main components I’ve been focusing on the past year: maximized mind, nerve supply, quality nutrition, oxygen and lean muscle, and minimized toxins. I’ll be explaining how I incorporate these essentials into my lifestyle in future posts.

The plummeting of my health was a wake-up call, and it’s definitely been hard getting through recovery. Through it all, I’ve learned that wellness is progressive and is a life-long commitment. Currently, I’m only taking the medication I need to stabilize my condition, and trying my best to stay away from anything else (that includes antibiotics, painkillers). I’m trying my best to choose organic, natural options in anything I put into my body, minimizing the amount of toxins I ingest. I hope that sharing my journey with you will help to inspire some people to strengthen their mindsets and find the courage and discipline to change their lives for the better too.



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