• Peachy Valentine— V-Day Makeup

    Inspiration for your Valentine's Day makeup look
  • January Vlog

    Shenanigans and such during the start to the new year
  • Vlogmas 2017

    Christmas with my family is always lit. See what the holidays are like with my family in my Christmas vlog!


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Peachy Valentine 🍑 V-Day Makeup Tutorial

Whether you’re celebrating tonight or on the weekend, here’s some inspiration for your Valentine’s Day makeup. When I think of…

❄ January Vlog ❄

January was filled with hibernation, lazy drives, eating in, and eating out. Gabriel got me a Gorilla Pod for Christmas so…

🎄Vlogmas 2017🎄

Celebrating the holidays with my family is always lit. Expect lots of food, lots of people, lots of games, and lots…

♡ 23rd Birthday ♡

I celebrated my birthday at Pursuit OCR and Fishman’s Lobster Clubhouse. It was my first time at both places and…

Recap of 2017 + Update

The new year is all about appreciation, so I wanted to share my appreciation with you guys. I am so…

Guilt-Free Crêpe Recipe

The best things about crêpes are their simplicity and flexibility. They’re easy to make and can be personalized based on…

Essentials for Your Pantry

If you’re looking to make good choices for your mind and body, starting with what you put into your body…

How to Pass Your Driver’s Road Test

So you passed your written test over a year ago and you think you’re ready to be on the road….

Good Choices – Progressive Recovery

I spent my first week alive in NICU. You could say I was pretty much unhealthy my whole life. Growing…

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